i3EnMS V3

Comprehensive Energy Management; made simple…

i3EnMS V5 is the latest Energy Management Software from Saturn Pyro that enables you to:  

  • Monitor, Analyze and Manage your Energy Performance & Consumption Performance.
  • Reduce energy costs by monitoring, analyzing and managing you energy performance without complex and costly operation!
  • Easily connect your existing sensors and meters of any make and model.

With i3EnMS You GET:
a. ENERGY INTELLIGENCE… cost, usage, reduction, location, time/date, business unit/cost center…
b. ENERGY ANALYTICS… energy performance, consumption analysis, demand analysis…
c. ENERGY REPORTING… energy consumption, cost & savings reporting, carbonemissions & savings reporting...
d. ENERGY DATA BROADCAST… display energy data and trend, energy policy, energy management activities...
e. MORE THAN ENERGY… integrate water meters, compressed dry air, temperature, humidity, BTU, IAQ…

i3EnMS V5 - Comprehensive Energy Management Platform for ISO50001, GBI, EMEER & AEMAS

i3EnMS V5 is a complete and comprehensive Energy Management Platform which is able to perform all the activities meeting the requirements of :
  • ISO50001
  • Reporting to Energy Commission under EMEER 2008
  • Green Building Index and BSEEP

  • Generic Modbus Driver which enables communication with any RS485 enabled power meter or measuring device.
  • Able to integrate all energy meters from leading brand such as Schneider, ABB, Carlo Gavazzi, Rudolf, etc eawith preconfigured device templates.
  • Microsoft SQL database which manages stored data for comprehensive data management (reports, graphs, tables & analytics).
  • Customizable EnPI reports as required, with possibility of manual installation data entry.
  • Easy analysis of consumption data with built in analytics feature.
  • Able to "Group" multiple energy meters into "Areas" and/or  "Processes" for EnMS requirements.
  • Able to perform "Group" monitoring and analysis based on kWh, MD, Enegy Cost and CO2.
  • i3EnMS "Report Engine" enables customization of report as required.
  • Automatic reports (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis) for Energy Consumption, Consumption Breakdown, Energy Tariff and Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI).
  • Multiple HMI Clients enable easy access to i3EnMS.
  • Fully customizable LCD Display output to broadcast Energy Performance Data at various locations.

i3EnMS Reporting & Analytics include:
  • kWh Tariff Report by day, week, month and user defined period
  • kWh Target Report
  • kWh Trend Report
  • Consumption Breakdown Report
  • EnPI Report by hour, day, week, month and user defined period
  • EnPI Target Report
  • EnPI Trend Report
  • Specific Energy Consumption Report
  • Electricity Consumption Report
  • Installation Parameters and Performance Targets including “Installation Parameters”, “kWh Target”, “EnPI Target” and “Production Quantity” can be set by hour, day, week and month

i3EnMS VS Competition

i3EnMS Explained

i3EnMS System Output ~ Reports

i3EnMS System HMI Dashboard

i3EnMS Parameter Trend
Shows trend of measured parameters

i3EnMS MD Analytics
Compare MD of multiple location

i3EnMS Demand Analytics
Peak & Off-Peak Consumption Trend

i3EnMS Live Data Display
Real-time display of parameters

i3EnMS Measured Value Table
Record of measured parameters

i3EnMS Report Engine
Generate custom reports as required for any number of device, group, area & process

i3EnMS Tariff Report
Consumption tariff by process / area / device in kWh, MD, Peak, Off Peak & CO2

i3EnMS EnPI Report
Energy Performance Indication Report by process / area / device

i3EnMS Consumption Breakdown Report

Display Energy Consumption Data and EnPI Data

Display Energy Consumption Trend

Display Energy Consumption Breakdown

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